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Greek Life

Be prepared to take part in community service and philanthropy efforts, excel in academic performance, build leadership skills and life-long friendships with the University of Miami’s Greek Life!

Boasting 2,500 students in our 27 fraternities and sororities, UM’s Greek Life focuses on giving students real life experience while networking along the way, whether it be through mentoring programs or alumni involvement.

Greek Life, across the nation, strives to improve the lives of their members. Here at UM is no exception. The Greek community prides itself on having strong chapter GPAs along with being heavily involved in philanthropic work. Through group support and scholarships, each fraternity and sorority on campus propels their members forward to become future leaders, following in the footsteps of the many politicians, activists and artists that found their roots in Greek life.

While being a member of a Greek organization, many of these students are leaders on campus both inside and outside the classroom. Greeks are involved in all aspects of university life from being a Foote Fellow to researching new cancer treatment to being the President of Student Government.