Sandler Center Staff

The Sandler Center mission is implemented through the hard work and dedication of a team of Undergraduate and Graduate students.

 2018 Staff Picture

2018-2019 Staff

 Matta Web

Matta Sannoh, Graduate Assistant

Hometown: Washington, DC

Program: Masters in Public Health

I choose to work at The Sandler Center because the best way to battle against drug and alcohol addiction is to stop it before it starts. This graduate assistant position is a wonderful opportunity to education students on prevention tactics while remaining involved on campus. In my free time I enjoy visiting cafes, reading books, and taking in a good view. 

 Rachel 2018

Rachel Askowitz, MPH Intern

Hometown: Miami, FL

Program: Masters in Public Health

I choose to work for the Sandler Center because I want to make sure that all UM students have the information they need to stay safe and take care of one another. In my free time, I love playing with dogs, watching reality TV, reading books, and spending time with family.


 Hope 2018

Hope Cherian, Peer Educator

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Health Sector Management & Policy

I choose to work for the Sandler Center because it is important to me that my peers are educated about making smart decisions concerning drugs and alcohol. Outside of the Sandler Center, I enjoy experiencing different cities, trying new foods, and going to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs.

Bobby 2018 

Bobby Chabloz, Peer Educator

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major: Biochemistry

I work for the Sandler Center to educate students and influence them to make safe decisions. In my free time,I like Jet skiing and watching the Blues.  




 Maddie 2018

Maddie Darish, Peer Educator

Hometown: Metro Detroit, MI

Major: Exercise Physiology

I choose to work for the Sandler Center because I think it is important that UM students know what do if they or their friends are in a serious situation regarding their health. I enjoy Scuba diving, watching TLC, wakeboarding, boating on the Detroit river.


 Madison 2018

Madison Guido, Peer Educator

Hometown: Colts Neck, NJ

Major: Biology

Working for the Sandler Center gives me the ability to educate and equip my peers with the right knowledge and tools to make smart and healthy decisions surrounding drugs and alcohol. Some of my favorite pastimes include, spending time with family and friends, trying new foods, and traveling.


 Mili 2018

Milind 'Mili' Khurana, Peer Educator

Hometown: Sebring, FL

Major: Neuroscience & Political Science

The basic reason I chose to work for the Sandler Center is because I want to make a difference on this campus. I believe that the work we do in education and prevention saves lives and gives students the tools necessary to make responsible decisions on their own. Also I thought the polo's looked kinda cool. I enjoy traveling, eating, and sleeping.


 Emma Michiels

Emma Michiels, Peer Educator

Hometown: Englewood, NJ

Major: Human and Social Development

I choose to work at The Sandler Center for many reasons. I first heard about The Sandler Center through two of my close friends at UM who were actually peer educators in previous years. They recommended I apply as they know me to be a person who loves educating and helping others. Another reason I chose to work at The Sandler Center is that I wanted to be involved in a prevention program and gain experience within my field of interest.