The William W. Sandler Jr. Center for Alcohol & Other Drug Education advocates for a campus community that supports and empowers students to make healthy lifestyle choices thus fostering academic success and a safer and healthier campus community. Through peer education and collaboration with campus and community organizations, the Sandler Center provides outreach and support to empower students to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.

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  • Program Request

    How can the Sandler Center help you and your organization?

    We have several small and large scale workshops (including fatal vision goggles) with a wide range of topics covering all aspects of alcohol and other drug education. Do you have an idea, but not sure how it might work? Our peer educators can consult with you on turning those ideas into reality!

    We love collaborating! So the Sandler Center and peer educators expect that organizations will work with the Center on program logistics, rather than the Center simply arriving and giving a presentation.

    Email with your program request today!

    **Please note Program requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the event date.

  • Health Hut

    Where will 'The Hut' pop-up next?!

    The Sandler Center’s Health Hut is a peer education and outreach program dedicated to furthering the health and wellbeing of Miami Hurricanes. The Hut not only acts as a referral source for the various health and wellness initiatives at UM, but also provides students with relevant information about alcohol and other drugs. Topics range from tailgate safety, prescription drug misues, mental health, club drugs, opioids, to drunk driving.

    The Hut can be found at various locations throughout campus. Follow us on social media @UMSandlerCenter to learn more about where we will be on campus this semester.

    For more information about the Health Hut or to request a Health Hut program please contact the Sandler Center at

  • National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Month

    Every October, college and university students will join with their peers on more than 1,000 campuses across the country to promote National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Month (NCAAM). During NCAAM, UM students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events, all designed by Sandler Center peer educators to reinforce personal responsibility and respect for current state laws and school policies when it comes to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. For more information, make sure you are following us on Instagram!

  • "Make Sure"

    It 's always best to ask yourself what’s going on and notice how you and others around you might be feeling.

    The most dangerous thing you can do is assume that things are ok.

    Don’t assume. Make Sure. 

    Developed in collaboration with UMSOC's Annual Philadthropy event, the Sandler Center's "Make Sure" campaign promotes social responsibility amongst Miami Hurricanes. The Make Sure campaign challenges students to think twice about their substance use, creates awareness around the impact of substance abuse, and empowers students to seek resources when neeeded. 

    Make Sure Shes Got It

  • The Green Zone

    In response to heightened binge drinking behaviors during the first six weeks of the year, we created a new program that addresses those behaviors, called The Green Zone.

    The Green Zone is a blood alcohol content (BAC) between 0.00 and 0.06. When you leave The Green Zone, you run the risk of entering The Red Zone. The Red Zone is when you have a BAC of 0.25 or higher. In The Red Zone, mental, physical, and sensory functions are severely impaired.

    Our events focus on providing students with information on how they can stay in The Green Zone and which behaviors put them at risk of entering The Red Zone. 


    A diagram showing the difference between the Green, Yellow, and Red Zones