Student Data

The Sandler Center collects data on student drinking habits through weekly, monthly, and semester-long program assessments as well as through EverFi Online Education, which is required of all first-year and second-year students.

The Sandler Center offered 87 educational programs in the 2022-2023 academic year. Our assessments indicated that an average of 91% of students achieved the learning outcomes for the programs. Program learning outcomes included understanding the dangers of mixing drugs and alcohol, knowing the three D’s of bystander intervention, identifying ways to stay safe while traveling, and many more.

The 2022-2023 EverFi Online Education results, which were collected one to two months into students’ first semester, indicated that 42.3% of first year students abstained from drinking in the past year, 24.6% abstained over the previous two weeks, 15.5% were moderate drinkers, 14.7% were heavy episodic drinkers, and only 2.9% were categorized as problematic drinkers (see graph below). The EverFi data also highlighted common motivations for drinking among UM students, which include drinking to feel more confident, to feel happier, to feel more attractive, to relieve stress, and to feel more connected with others. At The Sandler Center, we provide students with alternative strategies for stress management, opportunities for connecting with peers in an alcohol-free environment, and help students build skills in healthy decision making around alcohol and other drugs. 

Everfi drinking rates for 2022-2023