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Recommended Citation Resources for Students:

On-campus Resources

Statistically, a student will deal with matters pertaining to academic integrity during their career at the university. Whether it affects you or a friend, there are things you can do to manage the situation. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable with fellow student’s actions, do not be afraid to speak with the professor during their office hours or after class. Should this not prove satisfactory, please come by the Dean of Students office in the Whitten University Center Suite 2250 and speak to our Graduate Assistant. Should you yourself begin to feel overwhelmed with school and/or schoolwork, please consider calling the Counseling Center (305-284-5511) or the Academic Development Center (305-284-2800). The Honor Council and the University of Miami are committed to helping students improve their lives and as such encourage you to use the tools provided to all students. The following is a list of Phone numbers to guide you:

Honor Council Office
(305) 284-5354
Dean of Students Office
(305) 284-5353
Academic Resource Center
(305) 284-2800
Writing Center
(305) 284-2956
Richter Library
(305) 284-3551
Math Lab (CC 305)
(305) 284-2575
Physics Academy
(305) 284-7120
Chemistry Resource Center (CS 304)
(305) 284-5165
Counseling Center
(305) 284-5511