Dominoes with the Dean

Dominoes with the Dean

Dr. Ryan C. Holmes, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, developed a love for the game of dominoes, while growing up in his hometown of Shreveport, LA. “It was a family thing, a neighborhood thing,” said Dr. Holmes. “Everyone came together around the game, and it was just about having a good time.”

Dominoes with the Dean is a way for students to meet Dr. Holmes while enjoying this classic game. Regardless of your skill level, all students are welcome to come and enjoy! To show your interest in playing contact the Dean of Students Office at

Let Us Know How You Want to Play

  1. Instructional Session:
    The game of dominoes is played with rectangular tiles also known as "bones." If the game is new to you, you can schedule a time to learn a few pointers about the standard game from Dr. Holmes. The instruction will cover how to assemble dominoes on the board, how to score, and might also include certain strategies. Instructional sessions can accommodate 1-3 students.
  2. Challenge Session:
    For the more seasoned player, you can set up a challenge session with Dr. Holmes. The standard game will be played. The first player to reach 150 points wins. Standard rules will apply unless both players agree to alternative rules before the game begins. If you win, Dr. Holmes will treat you to lunch on-campus!