Sandler Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Education

The Sandler Center For Alcohol & Other Drug Education Logo over peer educators hosting an event The Sandler Center For Alcohol & Other Drug Education Logo over peer educators hosting an event

We strive to promote healthy lifestyles through alcohol and drug education, student-led events, and training.

The Sandler Center is a comprehensive prevention, intervention, education, and referral program focusing on alcohol and other drug use, misuse, and dependency. By working in partnership with all members of the campus community, we strive to:

  • Promote healthy lifestyles, as well as personal and social responsibility, by providing and/or supporting programs, training, service, and alternative activities for students;
  • Educate students about the negative consequences of high-risk use of alcohol and other drugs;
  • Increase awareness and commitment within the University community to create an environment in which a change in attitudes, behaviors, and use of substances is possible and participation in high-risk behaviors is reduced.

We have a variety of programs, services, and informational topics to share with you, so please explore the website for a glimpse of what we offer. But also make plans to visit us in the Dean of Students Office, Whitten University Center, Suite #2250, on the Coral Gables campus, where our resources can be experienced first-hand and can make the most impact.

The Gail S. Posner Substance Abuse Education Fund provides vital resources to:

  • Increase peer educators and educational resources to meet student demand
  • Support Web-based and social media education
  • Enhance prescription and designer drug education programs

Gail Posner’s determination to fight the disease of substance abuse will live on through these efforts and other center programs supported by the Trust.

Resources for Parents and Families

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In Person:
Whitten University Center #2250