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Sexual Misconduct

The Dean of Students Office can assist students with a range of support services and protective measures, including in cases where the student wants his/her identity to remain confidential. In addition, we help survivors, parents, and other community members understand the official reporting and adjudication processes. Our office also houses the administrative disciplinary process when this path is requested by a survivor. Services are available during regular business hours and on an emergency basis when needed.

For immediate assistance outside of normal office hours, call 911 or contact the Sexual Assault Resource Team’s 24 hour, confidential hotline at (305) 798-6666.

Dean of Students Office staff who provide specific assistance include:

Nikki Abramson, LCSW

Provides support resources, mental and physical health care referrals, and can take anonymous reports.

Steven Priepke

Oversees the complete response system for survivors, as well as student discipline system and can offer assistance in understanding the reporting and adjudication processes for complainants, respondents, and other community members. Serves as a Deputy Title IX Coordinator for the Division of Student Affairs.

Maria Sevilla, Esq.

Serves as the primary investigator for all cases related to sexual assault or other forms of gender violence and sexual misconduct.

For additional resources and information, visit It’s On Us.