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Religious Organizations



Executive Director/Campus Ministry Director

Campus Ministry Associate


Phone Number

Athletes in Action Steve DeBardelaben Jason Burris (305) 495-8703
Baptist Collegiate Ministry Ricky Bailey (305) 284-6088
Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) Campus Ministry Director:
Erik Williams
James Drake (945) 675-6213
Chabad Jewish Student Center Rabbi Mendy Fellig (305) 206-4013
Christian Science Organization Kevin Simon (786) 281-9860
Hillel Jewish Life at the U Rabbi Lyle Rothman Executive Director:
Igor Khokhlov (305) 284-1840
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Campus Ministry Director:
Gary Cameron
umintervarsity@gmailcom (305) 613-4627
Intervarsity Graduate Ministry Chaplain Gary Cameron (305) 613-4627
UM Catholic Ministry Father Philip Tran (308) 284-3030
St. Bede Episcopal Church Center Father Frank Corbishley (305) 284-2333
University Christian Fellowship Joe Lortie (305) 742-5442
UKirk Mininstries Daniel Morales (786) 280-2199
Wesley Methodist Center Rev. Katie Lineberger (305) 284-1920